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Hoberman Associates is a multidisciplinary practice that specializes in transformable design — the development of products, structures, and environments that change their size and shape.

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Gold Expanding Sphere (KARI)

Gold Expanding Sphere (KARI)

Gold Expanding Sphere (KARI)

LOCATION: Naro Space Center, Geheung, Korea (2010)
CLIENT: Korea Aerospace Research Institute

Beginning at 1.5 meters, the machined aluminum sculpture expands to nearly 6 meters in diameter, its shape approximating a geodesic sphere. A gold-anodized finish retains the aluminum’s inherent specularity while adding color, warmth and vibrance. As the Expanding Sphere pulses open and closed at varying speeds, its rotating links take on a dazzling, continually-changing luminance.

As visitors travel through the entrance vestibule, ascend the main staircase, and travel between the museum’s exhibit halls, they glimpse and pass by the Sphere; situated above, and expanding into a second-story light-well. The sphere connects and unifies these spaces and serves as a beacon for visitors, orienting them within the science center.