HOBERMAN - Transformable design
Dearborn, Michigan, USA
Hoberman’s iconic expanding sphere has been paired with another American icon: Lincoln. Twin custom-designed spheres were prominently installed within the automotive brand’s display at the 2012 North American International Auto Show.

Established as the premier annual showcase for American automotive product launches and brand directions, Lincoln leveraged this year’s event for the reinvention of its iconic brand, with “the biggest statement Lincoln has ever made at an auto show.”
(Max Wolf, Lincoln Director of Design)

To convey the brand’s revitalization and emphasis on refined design, display designer Imagination commissioned Hoberman’s kinetic sculptures to contribute to the booth’s art-gallery ambience—fostering a connection between guests and the Lincoln brand.

Embodying the luxury, innovation and attention to detail present in all Lincoln automobiles, the Hoberman Spheres have been retooled, refined with a more aerodynamic shape, and fabricated from milled aircraft-grade aluminum with a hand-brushed finish.

Each sphere is made up of 840 parts and weighs 300+ pounds, yet they appear to move effortlessly. Actuated by a single servo motor, they can expand from 4.5 feet to 15 feet in less than 3 seconds. As the video and lighting changes within the exhibit, so do the spheres—interacting with their environment, and echoing the unique vision of Lincoln’s automobiles.

Photography credits: (1) Craig Holland (2) Chris Eckert