HOBERMAN - Transformable design
New York, New York
Based on new technologies for adaptive building skins, Emergent Surface is a wall that continuously reconfigures itself–portions selectively disappearing and reappearing. In one condition, the piece appears as a solid surface with three-dimensional curvature. In another, it resolves itself into seven slender poles, running floor to ceiling. And between these extremes lie an infinite variety of configurations.

These different states represent the physical embodiment of digital information. As such, Emergent Surface represents a kind of 'material media', operating not on bandwidths of light and sound, but in terms of variable solidity and permeability.

Emergent Surface was deliverd through Hoberman's joint venture with Buro Happold, Adaptive Building Initiative (ABI), and utilizes ABI's Strata™ system as a means to transform. This commission represented a significant advance in research and development of Strata™ and was the first structure to physically demonstrate its capabilities.