HOBERMAN - Transformable design
London, UK
Originally commissioned for an exhibit titled '100 Years of Construction Innovation' by the Building Centre Trust, Adaptive Shading Esplanade is a scale model demonstrating a new generation of adaptive shading designs.

Three freestanding kinetic shades, each with a square plan, retract into a slender profile, their transformation enabled by utilizing the Adaptive Building Initiative's Strata™ system. The shading surfaces are treated in transparent blue glass; the structural members are constructed of aircraft quality aluminum.

These units can be arranged in a variety of ways—as a rectilinear esplanade, for example, or a square configuration. They can be either freestanding or integrated into the building structure, creating a courtyard that can transform from indoor to outdoor use.

The model was included in the January-February 2010 exhibition Living Form, The Transformable Work of Chuck Hoberman held in the POLA Museum Annex, Tokyo, Japan.
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