HOBERMAN - Transformable design
News POLA hosts Hoberman retrospective: Living Form
POLA Museum Annex, Tokyo, Japan
January-February 2010

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The POLA Museum Annex is hosting an exhibition of Hoberman work. Titled ‘Living Form. The Transformable Work of Chuck Hoberman’, the show is a retrospective of some of the designs created by Hoberman in the past 20 years.

The exhibition is held in the new Tokyo headquarters of Japanese cosmetics manufacturer POLA. The building opened in October 2009, and includes a transformable facade designed by Hoberman Associates and architects Yasuda Atelier and Nikken Sekkei.

Exhibit-goers are given control of the transformable facade through an interactive console, enabling them to change its color and actuate its transformation.

Included in the exhibit are several of Hoberman's transforming prototypes, including the Expanding Helicoid, Expanding Fabric Dome, Adaptive Shading Esplanade and Adaptive Fritting™. Visitors activate the prototypes as they navigate the exhibition, interacting directly with the sculptures, and in turn changing the gallery space they occupy.

Hands-on interaction includes a selection of toys from the Hoberman line that can be picked up and manipulated.

The range of projects, conveyed through prints and video in addition to physical artifacts, provide an impression of the variety of Hoberman's portfolio: arhitectural shading, sculptural installations, theatrical set pieces, consumer and industrial products. Living Form captures the dynamism and life that Hoberman designs into all of its work, whether products or buildings, art or architecture.