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U2 360° tour, featuring the Expanding Video Screen, comes to a close after nearly three years
Because of the tour’s immense success – receiving critical acclaim and continually selling out shows – U2 360º was extended to become a two-year globe-trotting jaunt that included 110 concerts and demanded a travelling crew of 150 to implement.

As U2’s band-members took the stage each night, the behind-the-scenes team would be already at work setting up one of three 29,000 sq ft ‘Claw’ superstructures at the next venue.

Then, only hours before the show, rapid assembly of the Expanding Video Screen would commence. During the ever-evolving show, the 3,800 square foot elliptical display would grow into a seven story cone.

The tour ended on July 30th with a final show in Moncton, Canada.

In an interview with Live Design, show director Willie Wiliams discusses the journey.

Screen Details:
3,800 square foot display
120,000 pounds
888 LED screens
500,000 pixels

Show Details:
110 concerts in three years
150 crew members
Three 29,000 square foot steel stage superstructures
200 truck-loads of equipment
As many as nearly 110,000 spectators in a single night

Show Credits:
Show Designer/Director: Willie Williams
Video Screen Concept: Frederic Opsomer
Video Screen Kinetic Design: Chuck Hoberman
Production Architect/Designer: Mark Fisher
FOH Audio Director: Joe O'Herlihy
Video Director: Tom Krueger
Video Content Producer: Sam Pattinson
Video Content: Catherine Owens
Video Technical Director: Stefaan “Smasher” Desmedt
Presentation Animation: Adrian Mudd
Lighting Director: Ethan Weber

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