HOBERMAN - Transformable design
About Us Hoberman works with an international multidisciplinary network of engineers, architects and manufacturers. Our partnerships enable us to bring in specialists that add the necessary capabilities to the project team, be it lighting and video design, structural and environmental analysis, or fabrication expertise.
Buro Happold
Buro Happold is a world-class integrated multidisciplinary company able to offer a complete range of services dealing with the built environment.

Buro Happold engages in the engineering, design, management, and supervision of construction projects around the world. The practice undertakes most aspects of civil and structural engineering, environmental physics, and services engineering as well as specialist consulting services.

Buro Happold and Hoberman have a history of collaboration dating back to the Hoberman Arch for the 2002 Winter Olympics. More recent collaborations include the Rapidly Deployable Shelter and the Expanding Video Screen for U2.
Adaptive Building Initiative
In 2008, Hoberman and Buro Happold co-founded the Adaptive Building Initiative (ABI), dedicated to designing and delivering a new generation of buildings that optimize their configuration in real time by responding to environmental changes.

Learn more about the Adaptive Building Initiative
A. Zahner Co.
For well over 100 years A. Zahner Company has pioneered advances in the architectural metal industry. Zahner's work is now found in and around structures in Europe, Asia and North and South America. Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri; U.S.A., the company maintains United States production facilities in Missouri and Texas.

Zahner provides solutions for its clients through an integrated organization combining design services, engineering, fabrication and manufacturing, and construction.

In 2010, Zahner and Hoberman's Adaptive Building Initiative formed a joint venture for the development of kinetic metal surfaces for architecture. Their first collaboration was the kinetic façade installation for the Simons Center at SUNY Stony Brook.