HOBERMAN - Transformable design

For more than twenty years, Hoberman Associates, Inc. (HAI) Hoberman has pioneered and innovated in the field of transformable design.

HAI was founded in 1990 by designer Chuck Hoberman, whose international career seamlessly fuses art, design, engineering, and architecture. HAI was founded with the primary aim to design behavior – to create objects that have the living qualities of organisms.

Throughout its history HAI has focused on fostering a dynamic relationship between product and user. Its unique approach has been most prominently demonstrated in the Hoberman Toy line, founded in 1995. Subsequent design explorations include rapidly deployable tents, miniature medical instruments, and juvenile products.

In recent years HAI has embarked on a series of architectural collaborations to create adaptive buildings, and in 2008 founded the Adaptive Building Initiative in partnership with international engineering firm Buro Happold. Working with architectural firms in America, Europe and Asia, Hoberman is creating responsive shading and ventilation surfaces, operable roofs and canopies, and retractable facades for multi-use spaces. The goal is to achieve energy savings and enhanced building environments within the context of advanced sustainable strategies.
Over twenty years of transformable design
Tessellate™ at Stony Brook University
Hoberman Sphere at MoMA Expanding Sphere 2010 for Deutsche Telekom
Aldar Central Market POLA Ginza Building Façade
Expanding Video Screen for U2 360
Adaptive Building Initiative
Early prototype for transforming structure
Expanding Fabric Dome
Hoberman Sphere
Iris Dome

Hoberman Associates turns twenty, enters third decade of transformable design
Early adoption of Adaptive Fritting™ and Tessellate™ shading systems in education sector
Hoberman's Adaptive Building Initiative launches Intelligent Surfaces line of adaptive shading systems
Museum of Modern Art adds Hoberman Sphere to its Collection
Hoberman Sphere updated for Deutsche Telekom
Aldar Central Market public square opens, marking first completed transforming roof
POLA Ginza Building opens, marking first completed transforming façade
Expanding Video Screen created for U2 360º Tour
Adaptive Building Initiative LLC created in partnership with Buro Happold
Boom-o-Ring designed for SpinMaster, Ltd.
Emergent Surface part of the Design and the Elastic Mind Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City
RDS part of Smithsonian's Design Triennial
Expanding Helicoid built for Discovery World, Pier Wisconsin
Switch Pitch released worldwide
Series of expanding sculptures built for the Wonder Museum in Okinawa, Japan
Hoberman Arch reveals the medals platform at Salt Lake City Olympics
Expanding Sphere representing the Big Bang installed at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City
Expanding Fabric Dome as part of "L'art de l'ingénieur" at Centre Georges Pompidou
Designed foldable stent for Ethicon (Johnson & Johnson)
Hoberman Sphere released worldwide
First public installation of the Iris Dome at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City
Geodesic sphere installed at the Technorama der Schweiz in Winterthur, Switzerland
First installed Hoberman Sphere at Libery Science Center in Jersey City, NJ
Patents and the Process of Invention Exhibition at Cooper Union
Hoberman Associates, Inc. founded by Chuck Hoberman