HOBERMAN - Transformable design
Approach We believe that behavior itself can be designed into a product or place. By doing so, an indelible experience and connection is made with the user or occupant.
Our unique designs require a unique approach. Over the years, we have developed a work process that results in the consistent creation of surprising, effective and economical designs. This methodology emerges from the core philosophy of Transformable Design:

Design and engineering are intertwined.
Our engineers are passionate about design; our designers are fluent with technology. Both work side by side, and structure their contributions so that tasks and milestones are managed as an integrated process.

Invention is the starting point.
Innovation occurs when the creative concept emerges in concert with the technical means to realize it. For us, this defines the inventive process itself.

Invention is a key aspect of commercial strategy. Products that are functionally differentiated from their competitors and that are protected by strong intellectual property have the best chance to excel in the market. Our clients can draw from our ever-expanding pool of patents and we often create new patentable inventions as part of the development process.

Success means taking the creative spark to its full potential and destination.
In common with many of our clients, our management team has combined decades of experience as manufacturers. For years, we created, manufactured and sold our toy line to major retailers. The rigors of successfully executing a manufacturing business inform all of our designs.

We've learned that great ideas will not succeed in practice without attention to detail, containment of costs, and a thorough understanding of market context. We meet these criteria every day through close and collaborative communication with our clients.

Ultimately, success is when our designs are in users' hands, or are surrounding them within a transforming environment - then the original creative spark reignites for them, closing the circle.