HOBERMAN - Transformable design

The Adaptive Building Initiative (ABI), founded in 2008, is a joint venture between Buro Happold and Hoberman Associates dedicated to designing a new generation of buildings that optimize their configuration in real time by responding to environmental changes.

Adaptation is essential to managing the problem of climate change. To meet this growing challenge, ABI creates the products, systems, and tools that achieve new levels of sustainable performance.

ABI designs and produces adaptive façade and building envelopes. By controlling light levels, solar gain, and thermal performance, ABI’s adaptive systems reduce energy usage, enhance comfort, and increase the flexibility of the built environment. Additionally, they develop adaptive strategies that can be effectively applied to a wide range of other building systems.

ABI draws on a portfolio of systems that they customize to deliver complete, comprehensive, and integrated solutions for specific projects. Successful delivery requires full involvement through project completion: ABI’s offerings include design, engineering and analysis, prototyping, sourcing, control system integration, manufacturing and installation oversight, and whatever else the project requires.

This work is based on decades of experience in developing and delivering movable objects, ranging from architectural-scale structures to hand-held products. While an independent entity, ABI’s cross-disciplinary team combines the expertise of its parent companies, Buro Happold and Hoberman Associates. The team draws in structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers; environmental analysts; architects; software engineers; building information modelers; and industrial designers.

ABI was founded on the premise that a networked business entity helps us reach our goal: to build. As the central hub and technology-holder, ABI provides strategic and creative direction to our project teams of manufacturers, researchers, and construction engineers. This networked approach allows us to do what we do best—invent, design-build—while giving us the ability to provide comprehensive, single-source solutions.

For more information, visit www.adaptivebuildings.com