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Hoberman premieres Hoberman Morph at “Beyond Rubik‘s Cube” exhibition at the Liberty Science Center
Summer 2014

A playful homage to Erno Rubik, the Hoberman Morph changes shape from a cube into a sphere. Part of a new sculptural series by Hoberman, it was commissioned by Liberty Science Center for their “Beyond Rubik‘s Cube” exhibit.

A collaboration between Google and Liberty Science Center, the exhibit is the first ever museum exhibition about the Rubik‘s Cube, and includes over 7,000 square feet of games, puzzles, history, art and engineering. The Hoberman Morph represents a new exploration of transformable design principles in which geometrical shapes transform into other shapes.
See the Hoberman Morph and read more about the exhibition.

Chuck Hoberman receives Egleston Medal for Distinguished Engineering Achievement from the Columbia University School of Engineering
May 28, 2014

On May 28, 2014, Chuck Hoberman was awarded the Thomas Egleston Medal for Distinguished Engineering Achievement by the Board of Managers of the Columbia University Engineering Alumni Association (CEAA) with the concurrence of the Dean of the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science. Hoberman received his Masters in Engineering from Columbia in 1985.
Read more about the Egleston Award.

Obama plays with Hoberman Sphere at the 2014 White House Science Fair
May 27, 2014

A new fan of the Hoberman Sphere was revealed last week at the White House Science Fair on May 27, 2014. One of the 2014 finalists, 12-year old Peyton Robertson of Ft. Lauderdale, FL used the iconic toy to demonstrate how polymer expands when placed in water. “I actually have one of these,” said President Obama. “Sometimes I just stare at them in space.”
Watch a video of the conversation between Peyton and President Obama.

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